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Siemens Hearing Aid & MiniTek Remote arrives in Perth

Posted by at 1 May, 2011, 5:15 pm
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Siemens miniTek Bluetooth Audio Streamer – Siemens miniTek is everything you want from a wireless solution and more from a compact, palm-sized device.  It is is based on Bluetooth technology and communicates with nearly all Bluetooth devices. Siemens miniTek syncs all your gadgets with your hearing instruments. It serves as an automatic streamer as well as a remote control. The device can connect to multiple devices simultaneously. The Siemens MiniTek offers more features and benefits than currently offered by the Oticon Streamer or ReSound Alera.

Siemens miniTek is a device designed to be used with hearing aids, and deliver audio from a range of devices like MP3 players, TVs, radios and mobile phones.

If you’re hearing-impaired and you’ve already got a wireless hearing aid from Siemens, the company’s new matchbook-sized miniTek box will wirelessly beam audio from any Bluetooth device straight to your ears.

In addition to Bluetooth devices, the miniTek can receive audio from gear that uses e2e wireless connections or T-coil systems, and it has a 3.5mm jack for whatever non-wireless equipment you might come across. It can even be used to answer calls on mobile phones. All in all, you’re pretty thoroughly covered.

The miniTek can stream audio for five hours or last for a few days as a remote – it has buttons for controlling volume, answering calls and so on. If you’ve already got Siemens hearing devices in your ears, it makes perfect sense to put them on double duty.

Call us for details on how do get this new upgrade. If you’ve already have a Siemens Hearing Aid from another provider, upgrade it’s performance with the new MiniTech. Simply buy an Hearing Aid After-Care Package and we’ll fit it for you. And all this new tech costs no more at HearingPlus. Guaranteed to be the lowest hearing aid accessory price in Perth.

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Phonak Cassia and Phonak Solana – Hearing delight for Perth

Posted by at 3 February, 2011, 6:28 pm
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Hearing Plus is proud to announce the upcoming Spice technology to the entry-level and mid-range hearing aids  segments in Perth.

Phonak Cassia and Phonak Solana complete the new Spice Generation offering first introduced to Perth in November 2010 with the premium product family Phonak Ambra and the Audéo S family. Phonak Cassia will appeal to those who appreciate value for money but still expect state-of-the-art design and the very latest technology. Phonak Solana makes its marks in the mid range, with a unique binaural feature, intelligent user interaction, and an impressive package of enhanced features.

Both families are intuitive in use, compatible with a wide range of Phonak wireless accessories and easy to fit with the latest version of the Phonak Target™ software. Thanks to a completely new design approach the BTE housings are 20-30 percent smaller than the previous generation, each model being the smallest in its gain category. Further expanding the style offering is the new Petite BTE housing – the smallest BTE of all times – available for Phonak Ambra, Solana and Cassia.

Phonak Cassia – setting new standards for an entry level hearing aid in Perth.
The new Spice chipset makes Cassia the most advanced product in its class. At an entry-level standard price Phonak Cassia features advanced functionalities such as SoundRecover, UltraZoom Standard, WhistleBlock and SoundFlow Standard. In addition, Phonak Cassia is equipped with NoiseBlock Standard for an even better suppression of noise without reducing essential speech information. Phonak Cassia offers full wireless access to the world of modern communication.

Phonak Solana – a mid range solution with an impressive package of enhanced features.
Thanks to the new Spice chipset, Phonak can now offer a hearing solution with unique binaural functionality, intelligent user interaction, enhanced directional innovation and full wireless access to the world of modern communication. ZoomControl offers a truly exclusive end-user benefit – the ability to choose in which direction to focus hearing, to the front, back, left or right – without having to face the speaker. Phonak Solana comes with other exciting features such as UltraZoom Advanced, a sophisticated adaptive multichannel microphone system with a unique directional noise cancellation system called SNR-Boost. Intelligent loudness management with FlexVolume and other key signature features such as SoundRecover, SoundRelax and WindBlock truly change the way a mid-range hearing aid is perceived.

The new range of custom products offers a wide choice of options. Selection is possible by battery size, shell style (five options: CIC, MC, ITC, HS, FS), receiver (M, P and SP), wireless or non-wireless functionality, microphone mode (directional or omni-directional), user control options as well as a wide range of colors. The new SP receiver further extends the fitting range for hearing losses of greater severity, while the small size permits an impressive anatomic fit rate of 75 percent for CICs and ITCs.

All these devices are available at Perth’s lowest hearing aid prices at Hearing Plus.

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Phonak Ambra and Spice Generation Hearing Aids in Perth

Posted by at 1 December, 2010, 8:52 am
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The much anticipated launch of the new Phonak Hearing Aids has been released in Perth!

The previous chipset known as “Core”, was considered by many to be one of the best devices available, but with the “Spice Generation” now launched in November 2010, it has confirmed Phonak as the best and most innovative manufacturer of hearing aids worldwide.

With the Spice Generation chipset, Phonak sets a new industry benchmark in microchip technology. Fastest processing power, highest capacity, largest memory and smallest size are among the impressive features of the Spice chipset. With the new design approach – ContourDesign – for smaller housings shaped to follow the contours of the ear, Spice builds the basis for a completely new generation of hearing instruments. In addition, they are proud to introduce Phonak TargetTM, the new fitting software created in close collaboration with hearing healthcare professionals worldwide.

The new Phonak Spice Generation chipset sets new standards when it comes to microchip technology: 16 million transistors packed in 65 nanometer chip technology, offering the fastest processing speed with over 200 million operations per second and the largest memory. The fastest and most stable wireless connections and the widest range of cable-free fitting choices guarantee maximum performance and simple usability. The unique broadband, wireless real-audio exchange enables features to make hearing possible in situations where it was impossible to hear in the past.

And the good news is that all this new technology costs no more to be fitted at HearingPlus with our unique unbundled hearing aid prices and after-care packages. Ask us for a trial of the new Phonak Spice Generation hearing aid here in Perth!

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Siemens Hearing Aids BestSound Technology in Perth

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Siemens introduced the next generation of its Motion, Life, and Pure hearing systems to Perth in June 2010. We have been fitting these Siemens Hearing Aids in Perth for four months now with great success. The Open-ear design of the Life and Pure, together with the SoundBrillance feature has become a successful option for treating tinnitus for our Perth clients.

These products now come with BestSound Technology, which once again noticeably improves hearing comfort. Key features include the three-dimensional speech recognition technology SpeechFocus, intelligent SoundLearning 2.0 and FeedbackStopper, which eliminates feedback just as it is starting. Additional colors and a new charger with an automatic drying function round out these products’ wide range of design and functional innovations.

Siemens Pure hearing instruments are not only exceptionally small, but thanks to the new BestSound Technology they also adjust automatically to various listening situations to provide optimal sound quality and focus speech, no matter which direction it originates.

Siemens first began industrial production of hearing instruments one hundred years ago and has set the standard for technological innovation ever since. Siemens has once again demonstrated its role as an innovation leader with the next generation of its Motion, Life and Pure hearing systems. They are equipped with cutting-edge BestSound Technology, which essentially combines three functions to provide wearers with much greater hearing comfort.

SpeechFocus improves upon existing directional microphone technology to provide three-dimensional hearing. While earlier directional microphones can only focus on speech which comes from in front of the wearer, the direction where speech originates is no longer a limitation. For example, SpeechFocus makes it possible for hearing instrument wearers to better follow a conversation with someone walking beside them or to understand the grandchildren when they call out from the back seat of the car.

SoundLearning 2.0
brings the idea of intelligent hearing instrument to a whole new level. For the first time, the hearing systems learn and adapt instrument settings for sound and volume – and it does so for different listening situations. As a result, the hearing instruments switch automatically – and depending on the situation the wearer is in – to the appropriate mode for conversation, music, or noise.

Furthermore, the FeedbackStopper also has been improved. It works even more quickly now, and eliminates annoying feedback before the wearer can even hear it. It also distinguishes between feedback and tonal sounds in the environment, thanks to the Acoustic Fingerprint Technology patented by Siemens. So, a signal from a microwave oven is not distorted, but similar sounding feedback is reliably eliminated.

Thanks to the new BestSound Technology, wearing Motion, Life, and Pure hearing systems has never been more comfortable or clearer in background noise.

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Phonak adds new TV accessory

Posted by at 2 September, 2010, 3:17 pm
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Phonak launches its newest Bluetooth accessory – The TVlink.

Phonak makes some of the best hearing aids in the world, and equally complimented with world-class accessories such as the iCom. However, in the recent past, Phonak used third-party Bluetooth transmitters such as the Voiss, for delivering TV audio signals to the iCom. But not anymore!

The TV-link addresses all the shortcomings of previous Bluetooth transmiters:

  • Wirelessly connects CORE products to a huge variety of external devices
  • Phonak StereoSound audio transmission to the hearing instruments
  • Receives input in 3 different ways: Bluetooth wireless (speech and stereo music), wired stereo audiojack and FM via europlug
  • Ergonomic design with one simple button
  • True hands-free operation with directional microphone pickup
  • Multi-point technology allows the use of two phones in parallel
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Small, attractive and unobtrusive
  • Fully automatic switching of hearing programs, which can be individually fine tuned with fitting software

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Truly Wireless Hearing Aids

Posted by at 8 August, 2010, 4:50 pm
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‘Wireless hearing aids’ (also Bluetooth hearing aids) mean that we can connect wirelessly to electronic devices with audio outputs, such as TV’s or phones. This has been a wonderful way to hear TV, music and the phone, as all the audio signals go through the  the hearing aid!

The problem though is that they haven’t been truly ‘wireless’ as the hearing aid user MUST wear a neckloop in order to transmit the sound into the hearing aids. Some people like the neckloops while other don’t. However, The ReSound Alera has now overcome this!

For TV,  the ALERA hearing aids directly receive the signal from the TV plug in device

For the phone – the wearer wears a very neat and small clip, instead of a neckloop with a built in aerial.

And Resound have also now introduced a nice remote control for added versatility.

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The smart way to hear your home

Posted by at 1 August, 2010, 11:15 am
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Your hearing instruments are designed to amplify sounds in your immediate vicinity. If you’re concerned about missing household sounds that don’t occur in the room you’re in (often the case with the doorbell, telephone and even the smoke detector) or about remaining aware at night when your hearing instruments are removed, Smart Alert System is the ideal solution.

Smart Alert™ System gives you the assurance that you’ll always be aware of household alerts. The fully integrated solution includes doorbell, telephone and smoke detectors and an advanced Smart Alert™ remote that, together, send wireless alerts to your hearing instruments. Even at night, you can rest assured knowing alerts will be maintained via the remote and bed shaker.

Is Smart Alert™ System right for you?

If one or more of the following describes you, Smart Alert System may be an excellent choice:

  • You use or have been told you require hearing instruments
  • You live on your own and wish to continue living independently
  • You have missed hearing the home phone or doorbell
  • You are concerned about not hearing the smoke detector while sleeping
  • Your loved ones are concerned about your safety at home
  • You have severe to profound hearing loss

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