New ERA in Hearing Aids launched for Perth.

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Based on the new sophisticated Era platform,  Unitron Quantum range of hearing aids are released into the Australian Hearing Aid Market this month ( June 2011).  They have a bit resemblance to the previous product range from Unitron like Passport and Latitude. However they come with much better and sophisticated chip built into the device. Being the most recent release from the manufacturer, Unitron Quantum range is equipped with the most recent innovations in the hearing aid industry.

Unitron Quantum range comes in three levels. They are Quantum 20, Quantum 12 and Quantum 6, the number signifying the number of bands available in the instrument. Thus Quantum 20 is the Premium class option, Quantum 12 is the Business Class option and Quantum 6 is the Value Class option

Unitron Quantum range, being the most recent release into the market, come with two-fold processing capability(more than 200,00,00,00 operations processed per second). It is also equipped with sensors possessing high resolution. These are mostly used for enabling the users to adopt the listening requirements comprising very complex environments (there are around 46 sensors to accomplish this). Even the capacity is also doubled making it capable of accommodating 16,00,00,000 transistors. The memory is also two-fold. The recent advancements in the chip industry has made all this possible, which enabled all this to be accomplished with a 65 nm chip.

Unitron Quantum range is capable of delivering the most natural sounds ensuring the quality of the speech and other sounds is retained. The distortion is minimal. The devices come with the most sophisticated technologies like the Pinna Effect, Natural Sound Balance and AntiShock to deliver high quality sound while providing great listening comfort to the users.

The Unitron Quantum is fully wireless as well, offering Bluetooth connections to your mobile phone, home telephone, TV and can be fully accessed with a remote control, as an option.

And all this technology is affordable and costs no more to buy from Hearing Plus in Perth.

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