FAQ's - Frequently Asked Questions About Hearing Aids

  1. Support

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    Q.1 "How does the unbundle pricing work?"

    Audiology retail methods haven't changed much from the 1950's, where a single hearing aid price is quoted for product and service combined. Many clinics market "free hearing test" and "free support for three years", but nothing is free, as all these services are included in the retail price of hearing aids. We believe that unbundling hearing aid prices is a better way. It's better for you, the client,  as you now can compare "apples with apples". It's such a new idea to the industry that I dare you to ask your local clinic for the unbundle "hearing aid only" price or Service-Fee only. You'll be surprised by the response!

    Q.2 "Can you give an example of your unbundled Hearing Aid pricing?"

    Sure! Let's say you want Hearing Aid "X" for $2000. Now, you need to purchase an After-Care Package. Let's suppose you're a very experienced user of hearing aids, and you feel that you don't need a lot of follow-ups as you know what to expect and want from hearing aids. Let's say you go for the Plus1 Package at $290. Your total price is $2000 + $290 = $2290. That's it! No more to pay...

    Q.3 "Your hearing aid prices are the lowest in Australia; Do you sell online?"

    In a word, No. We always need a face-to-face fitting for our hearing aids. Buying online can be tricky, and certainly not for everyone, but you can save a lot of money. Just beware of the risks. If you are considering buying online, there are a lot of questions you need to ask like refund policy, support and warranty, and private health insurance rebates:

  2. Sales

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    Q.1 "I already have a hearing that I bought from another clinic, will you service it?"

    Yes, certainly. In fact, it would be unprofessional and unethical not to help you. Some clinics will not help you or fine-tune your hearing if you buy it from someone else. This is against the industry's professional code of conduct, but it is not enforced. As we deeply promote "people before profit" ideas, we are more than happy to see us, even if you bought it elsewhere.

    Q.2 "Can I just buy the hearing aid only from you ?"

    No. All hearing aids need to have an after-care package associated and purchased with them.

    Q.3 "Can I return the hearing aids if I am not happy?"

    Yes. We offer a 45 day return option. That means when you buy the hearing aid, you have 45 days to reconsider if the hearing aid is right for you. If not, you can return it for a refund (Full refund minus $165 service fee). We go into more detail at the initial hearing aid consultation and fitting.

  3. More Questions

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    Q.1 " Will you do a quote for me to see if my current provider will price match?"

    Yes. However, don't expect your provider to be happy about it! Many clinics will say that they will not "price match" because it's not "company policy". This is manager-speak for "we're a bloated company with high over-head costs to cover like my exorbitant salary". My advice is shop around. Your hearing, time and money are all valuable and you should find a professional whose focus is on you and your hearing & communication problems, and not some sales target.

    Q.2 "Why would I choose one after-care package over another?"

    It all really depends on your experience and ability to handle hearing aids. Some people have been wearing hearing aids for over 20 years. They just want to upgrade and don't need full support and care. Others are new to hearing aids, have other issues, like blindness, and need more time and care to make sure the hearing aid fitting is a success!

    Q.3 " This idea of hearing aid unbundling is great! What do I do next ?"

    Call us or email us and we'll make an appointment, and start your new life with better hearing now!