Independent Hearing Aid Clinics in Perth

Why is going to an independent hearing aid clinic important?

Firstly, buying a hearing aid is an important decision. It impacts on your lifestyle and your connection with other people. A good hearing aid can make your life wonderful!, but a poorly choosen device can complicate your life and create more frustration than necessary...An independent hearing aid clinic, like Hearing Plus, provides many advantages over the clinics that are owned and run by manufacturers.

Consider this: Would you go to your doctor if the clinic they worked in was owned by a pharmaceutical company?
How would you feel if you were prescibed medication for treatment and then found out that there were other types of medication available but not available to you because you went to that pharmaceutical-owned clinic?

Sounds ridiculous but that situation occurs everyday in the hearing aid industry in Australia. As an independent clinic, we are free to choose from a wide range of manufacturers and will choose the best device to meet your needs...

So which clinics are independent and which are not?

Not an easy question to answer as some hearing aid clinics do not disclose the manufacturer's ownership. You may be thinking that your local clinic is family-run or locally-owned, but in truth, it may be owned by a manufacturer.

One way to ensure that you're getting the best advice is to make sure that the quote you're seeking has at least 2 different  manufacturers and models. Also, make some enquiries about other hearing aid models you may have read or researched about.

At Hearing Plus, we routinely quote at least 2 different hearing aid manufacturers, and have on occasion quoted up to 6 different hearing aid manufacturers!