ReSound Hearing Aid Prices

We no longer recommend or supply ReSound Hearing Aids. For the convenience of our clients, we recommend the following equivalent or better device alternatives

Hearing Aid Prices

Model ReSound Hearing Aids Phonak Siemens Oticon
All Sizes Alera 9 Smart IX Pure 701 Intiga 10
All Sizes Alera 7 Smart V Pure 501 Intiga 8
All Sizes Alera 5 Smart III Pure 301 Intiga 6
All Sizes DOT2 30 Ambra Life 701 Agil Mini
All Sizes DOT2 20 Solana Life 501 Acto Pro
All Sizes DOT2 10 Cassia Life 301 Acto
All Sizes Live 9 Call Us! Call Us! Call Us!
All Sizes Live 7 Call Us! Call Us! Call Us!
All Sizes Live 5 Call Us! Call Us! Call Us!
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