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Siemens introduced the next generation of its Motion, Life, and Pure hearing systems to Perth in June 2010. We have been fitting these Siemens Hearing Aids in Perth for four months now with great success. The Open-ear design of the Life and Pure, together with the SoundBrillance feature has become a successful option for treating tinnitus for our Perth clients.

These products now come with BestSound Technology, which once again noticeably improves hearing comfort. Key features include the three-dimensional speech recognition technology SpeechFocus, intelligent SoundLearning 2.0 and FeedbackStopper, which eliminates feedback just as it is starting. Additional colors and a new charger with an automatic drying function round out these products’ wide range of design and functional innovations.

Siemens Pure hearing instruments are not only exceptionally small, but thanks to the new BestSound Technology they also adjust automatically to various listening situations to provide optimal sound quality and focus speech, no matter which direction it originates.

Siemens first began industrial production of hearing instruments one hundred years ago and has set the standard for technological innovation ever since. Siemens has once again demonstrated its role as an innovation leader with the next generation of its Motion, Life and Pure hearing systems. They are equipped with cutting-edge BestSound Technology, which essentially combines three functions to provide wearers with much greater hearing comfort.

SpeechFocus improves upon existing directional microphone technology to provide three-dimensional hearing. While earlier directional microphones can only focus on speech which comes from in front of the wearer, the direction where speech originates is no longer a limitation. For example, SpeechFocus makes it possible for hearing instrument wearers to better follow a conversation with someone walking beside them or to understand the grandchildren when they call out from the back seat of the car.

SoundLearning 2.0
brings the idea of intelligent hearing instrument to a whole new level. For the first time, the hearing systems learn and adapt instrument settings for sound and volume – and it does so for different listening situations. As a result, the hearing instruments switch automatically – and depending on the situation the wearer is in – to the appropriate mode for conversation, music, or noise.

Furthermore, the FeedbackStopper also has been improved. It works even more quickly now, and eliminates annoying feedback before the wearer can even hear it. It also distinguishes between feedback and tonal sounds in the environment, thanks to the Acoustic Fingerprint Technology patented by Siemens. So, a signal from a microwave oven is not distorted, but similar sounding feedback is reliably eliminated.

Thanks to the new BestSound Technology, wearing Motion, Life, and Pure hearing systems has never been more comfortable or clearer in background noise.

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