The smart way to hear your home

Posted by at 1 August, 2010, 11:15 am

Your hearing instruments are designed to amplify sounds in your immediate vicinity. If you’re concerned about missing household sounds that don’t occur in the room you’re in (often the case with the doorbell, telephone and even the smoke detector) or about remaining aware at night when your hearing instruments are removed, Smart Alert System is the ideal solution.

Smart Alert™ System gives you the assurance that you’ll always be aware of household alerts. The fully integrated solution includes doorbell, telephone and smoke detectors and an advanced Smart Alert™ remote that, together, send wireless alerts to your hearing instruments. Even at night, you can rest assured knowing alerts will be maintained via the remote and bed shaker.

Is Smart Alert™ System right for you?

If one or more of the following describes you, Smart Alert System may be an excellent choice:

  • You use or have been told you require hearing instruments
  • You live on your own and wish to continue living independently
  • You have missed hearing the home phone or doorbell
  • You are concerned about not hearing the smoke detector while sleeping
  • Your loved ones are concerned about your safety at home
  • You have severe to profound hearing loss

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